Learn to design 3d model in SOLIDWORKS

No prior knowledge required

Learn SOLIDWORKS from a certified expert

Asif Ahmed (CSWE), Instructor

Online self placed masterclass

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Day 01 Training

Understanding user Interface and Sketch environment

✔️ Understanding user interface
✔️ Understanding file format
✔️ View manipulation
✔️ Getting familiar with sketch environment
✔️ Create & modify a sketch
✔️ Familiar with different types sketch tools
✔️ Practice Project Day 01

Day 02 Training

Understanding part environment & design 3d part from scratch

✔️ Understanding 3d part environment
✔️ Understanding sketched based Vs applied based features
✔️ Get familiar with the most frequently used features
✔️ Create a 3d model from a 2d sketch
✔️ How to use multiple features and design a 3d model
✔️ Practice Project Day 02

Day 03 Training

Understanding assembly environment & assembly components from scratch

✔️ Getting familiar with assembly environment
✔️ Learn how to create an assembly
✔️ Learn how to add components in an assembly
✔️ Learn how to position components precisely in an assembly
✔️ Practice Project Day 03

Day 04 Training

Understanding drawing environment & design 2d drawing from scratch

✔️ Getting familiar in the drawing environment
✔️ Create a drawing view of a part
✔️ Adding annotations
✔️ Create a drawing view of an assembly
✔️ Practice Project Day 04

Day 05 Training

Your First SOLIDWORKS Project

✔️ Understanding the design process
✔️ Design a 3d model using multiple features
✔️ How to improve in SOLIDWORKS quickly
✔️ Best learning material for SOLIDWORKS
Lead Instructor
Asif Ahmed

Mix experience in the Design, development and engineering analysis of various complex plastic consumable products, fixture, specific purpose equipment & industrial heavy duty furniture.

Experts in Engineering analysis such as Structural Analysis, Thermal Structural Analysis, Plastic and Rubber Part Analysis, Vibration Analysis, Frequency Analysis, Linear Stress Analysis, Fatigue Analysis, Drop Test Analysis using SOLIDWORKS Simulation, Hyperworks, ADAMS, LS-DYNA and MSC NASTRAN.

  • 15+ years experience in the mechanical design field
  • Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert from SOLIDWORKS Corp.
  • Udemy best selling Author for the past 5 years
  • Taught CAD programs 18,000+ students worldwide
  • Designed and manufactured multi-million dollar machines for GM, Ford, Tesla, Mitsubishi, Rivian ...

I am an experienced FEA engineer who is trying to grow CAD skills. I was skeptical before taking this program. But it is very well constructed and solid program. What a great program it is !!! Explains everything in depth so that it can be easily understood by a beginner whilst using advanced techniques needed to be a professional.

Ontario, Canada

As a student, it is very hard to find an affordable SOLIDWORKS learning program. My university SOLIDWORKS course teaches only basics which is not enough if you want to design something complex. Thank god I found the MCAD Skill platform. This one SWLM program is enough to sharpen my SOLIDWORKS skill. Asif always mentions all kinds of tips and tricks based on his practical design skill, which is a big deal.

Undergraduate Student

It's a great honor to be part of this special program. I learned a lot, really. Every topic explained from the beginning. No previous knowledge of solid modelling is required. This technical knowledge is also useful for other solid modelling tool. The instructor has extensive knowledge on this program and presents in a way that’s easy to follow. Each lecture is very short and easy to follow. I also noticed they update and add new content frequently.

Elspeth Kuba
Graduate Student